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We help our customers shape their own solution. It's about CHOICE


How will solar look
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Solar panels must do more than reduce your electric bill.
They should look good on your house.


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Solar Energy Systems for Long Island, NY from Energy by Choice, Ltd.

Solar Energy Systems, Long Island – Energy By Choice

Any solar electric installation can reduce your electric costs. It’s a big decision and you need to be sure you understand all the options.

Energy By Choice is an owner-operated solar design and installation firm that specializes in Long Island homes and businesses.  Our job as we see it is to insure that you are aware of, and understand, all of the choices in both equipment and financing before selecting the solar solution that best fits your needs.

We offer both high efficiency and standard efficiency solar panels (with a variety of financing options and solar leasing) guiding you to an educated decision that works best with your circumstances.

We help our customers shape their own solution.  It’s about choice.

Solar Energy Systems, Long Island, Energy By Choice

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