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Energy By Choice is a trusted solar installer of residential and commercial solar energy on Long Island. We will help you choose the best solar system so you maximize your savings.

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Solar Panel Installer on Long Island

Solar Panel Installer on Long Island

Any solar electric installation can reduce your electric costs. It’s a big decision and you need to be sure you understand all your solar energy options.

Energy by Choice is an owner-operated solar design and installation firm that specializes in working with Long Island homes and businesses.  We offer both high efficiency and standard efficiency solar panels on Long Island with a variety of financing options.

If you’d like to discuss installing solar energy panels on your Long Island property, call us at 631-606-4176 or contact us online today!

We help our customers shape their own solar solution.  It’s about choice.

Not Just Another Long Island Solar Energy Company

At Energy by Choice, we take pride in our honest service. We believe a large portion of our job is to educate our customers to ensure that you are aware of and understand all of the choices in both equipment and financing before selecting the solar energy solution that best fits your needs and works best with your circumstances.

When you call us, you’ll reach full-service solar energy professionals whose singular mission is to provide customers with customized solutions that are truly the right fit. Our relationship starts with:

  • A free consultation to determine if solar power is right for you
  • A free comprehensive site survey
  • A solar system investment and savings estimate

We require no obligation on your part for these services. We operate on the belief that happy, satisfied customers fully understand the benefits and disadvantages of each option, and they make decisions after they have that information. We are committed to getting our customers to that point.

Premium Solar Panels on Long Island

We are proud to offer design, installation, maintenance, and repair service for the following solar energy systems:

Solar Electric

Solar electric power is generated from sunlight using Photovoltaic (PV) Panels. PV Panels are typically mounted on roofs, and they convert the sun’s radiant energy into electricity. Through electronic inverters this energy is converted into 120 volts AC.

This solar-generated AC power is connected to the utility company’s wires, which supply power to your home or business. A solar panel installation provides free solar-generated electricity for your use, and can provide you with energy credit from your utility company. On days when your solar system generates more power than is typically needed, the surplus power feeds back to the utility company, who banks your account through net metering. You can use this banked kilowatt energy for electric usage at night or days with cloud cover!

Solar Hot Water

Solar domestic hot water (SDHW) systems collect and store the sun’s radiant energy to produce and store hot water for use in the kitchen, bath, and laundry. SDHW systems on Long Island use roof-mounted flat plate collector panels. Fluid in the collector, which is heated by the sun, is circulated into the house where it transfers its heat into the domestic water in an insulated tank.

A solar hot water system can increase your property value by significantly reducing the home’s energy expense.

Solar Pool Heat Systems

A solar pool heater works by pumping filtered water from the pool through solar collector panels near the pool. The pool water is heated in the collector and returned to the pool. A solar pool heater can be the sole source of heat for your pool or used in combination with your existing pool heater to reduce fuel costs. Solar pool heaters:

  • Extend the swimming season from spring to fall
  • Reduce or eliminate cost of heating a pool with gas propane, oil, or electric
  • Payback within two to three years of installation
  • Reduce pollution, smog, and greenhouse gases with clean solar energy

Our Solar Panel Service Area

We are a residential solar energy company based on Long Island that services Nassau and Suffolk counties, installation throughout the community towns of Huntington, Northport, Babylon, Smithtown, Oyster Bay, Riverhead, Islip, Hempstead, Greenlawn, North Hempstead, Southampton, and Brookhaven.

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We help our customers shape their own solution. It's about CHOICE

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