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Should I Wait to Go Solar?

Why Should I Wait to Go Solar?

You may have heard that Tesla is coming out with awesome new solar panels that promise to “make solar sexy.” These panels consist of textured glass tiles with integrated solar cells that mimic the look of ordinary roofing materials, from slate shingles to terra cotta tiles.

With this recent announcement in mind, you might be wondering why should I go ahead and install solar panels now rather than waiting until you can get Tesla’s new solar roof. Here are three reasons why you should go solar now rather than later.

No Release Date Is Set

At the end of October, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced his solar panel shingles to a captive audience in Los Angeles. While he raved about how these shingles will be “beautiful, affordable, and seamlessly integrated,” he provided no potential release date.

This means you could end up waiting months or even years for a product we know very little about. While you wait, you’ll continue to have high utility bills that could be paid for if you install solar now rather than later.

No Details on Pricing Are Available

New technology is always overpriced as inventors try to break even on the cost required to make the innovation. There also tends to be a lot of bugs to work out. Do you really want to be one of the guinea pigs that installs a new solar roof with no customer testimonials to draw from?

In contrast, traditional solar panels have been around for decades and the kinks have already been worked out. With solar panels from Energy By Choice, you can start saving money on utility bills immediately with $0 down, so why wait? With this financing choice, you get solar panels installed now and pay them off at a low monthly rate that replaces your high utility bills. With low interest rates and terms ranging from five to 20 years, you customize your solar investment.

Interested in running through the exercise of guessing how much Tesla’s solar roof will cost you? Click here for help running the numbers »

Amazing Solar Panels Are Already Available

Many different brands of top-performance solar panels are already on the market, so there’s no need to wait around for the next best thing. Energy BySunPower Solar Panels Choice installs SunPower solar panels, an ideal choice for homeowners looking to maximize solar cell efficiency for the highest energy production per square foot. These advanced panels even employ special technology to make complex or shaded roofs viable for solar energy production.

While it’s true that SunPower solar panels don’t blend seamlessly into the roof the way solar shingles do, they have an attractive black finish, low installation profile, and no gridlines for an unobtrusive finished product. They also boast a solid copper backing for massive strength. Will the same strength be found in Tesla’s glass tile solar shingles? The guinea pigs who install them first will find out.

Go Solar Now on Long Island

The bottom line is if you’re ready to go solar now, it’s unwise to wait around for Tesla’s new line of solar shingles because of all the unknowns. You have great solar panels to choose from already, so now’s the time to make your move! Need some guidance? Contact Energy By Choice for a free consultation.

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