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Financing By Choice—Rates as Low as 1.99%!

In anticipation of the expected changes to the solar loan program run by the state, Energy by Choice announces its comprehensive finance program: FINANCING BY CHOICE.

While New York’s subsidized solar loan has expired, we are pleased to report that we now carry loan products with APRs as low as 1.99% and loan products for customers with FICO scores of 640 or higher.

The program offers a menu of options for anyone looking to purchase or lease a solar system:

• Zero Interest Bridge Loan (to cover tax credit portion)
• APR’s as low as 1.99% for qualified buyers
• Loans for FICO scores of 640 and higher
• Loan terms from 5 to 20 years
• 20-Year Solar Lease
• Purchase or Lease with Zero Down

You can repurpose your electric bill to pay for your solar system. This can be achieved with no money down and no monthly or yearly bill increases. And once the system is paid for your electric bill will drop to close to $0.

A recent Newsday article highlights the unfortunate practice of large national companies offering solar when the market is hot, and then leaving their customers without support at the first sign of a market downturn.

While this is a disappointing trend, we think it serves to highlight the benefit of working with local solar companies. At Energy by Choice, we are proud to be unlike most corporate solar companies in that we enjoy a reputation of providing first class customer service from start to finish, because we appreciate our clients and are committed to excellence.

We are proud to be Long Island’s local solar company and we’ll always have a smart way for you to go solar! After all, it’s always been about choice.

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