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 September 2014 ~  Energy By Choice is hiring!



Energy by Choice, a leading Solar Energy Sales & Installation Company on Long Island, is seeking candidates to join the fastest growing business sector in the country.  At the core of our company’s philosophy is the best, most professional experience possible as clients discover a new, exciting, and more affordable option for powering their homes.  We use best in class equipment and design methods, tailoring monthly financing solutions to every customer.

A recent explosion of new payment options has made it now less expensive to choose solar than it is to stay with the utility that simply continues to become more expensive, forever.  Can you imagine making a very comfortable living while you help people get control and even save money with lower cost electricity from clean and safe solar energy systems.


  • Receive prequalified leads and appointments (40% of these leads are from referrals)
  • Contact potential clients to introduce yourself, and learn what their goals are
  • Prepare proposals for these potential clients from existing templates
  • Get to know your potential client in their home, and share the solution you’ve discovered will work best for them
  • Complete home assessments at the site
  • Ask for the client’s business until you complete the solar sale, the client says “no”, or you have had to schedule a necessary return visit or phone call
  • Perform consistent professional follow-up
  • Host “company paid for” booths and tables at events to develop your own leads


  • Integrity, first, foremost and unequivocally
  • Experienced in consultative, in home sales
  • Previous experience with financing, ideally loans and leases
  • Demonstrated prior success selling “value” versus “lowest price”
  • Excellent listener
  • Genuine appreciation of, and respect for, our client’s right to choose whatever he or she likes, not necessarily what you think is best for him or her
  • Competitive, and results driven
  • Willing and able to work nights and weekends
  • Desires growth in a small company environment
  • Proficient in MS Excel and Word, and prior CRM experience
  • Demonstrated ability to close at a rate of 20% or higher


  • Paid training
  • Base and Draw scheduled to transition to commission and expenses
  • The sky is the limit, but 20% closers can expect to earn well over $100k annually
  • Commission kickers for exceeding quarterly and annually targets
  • Higher commissions for self-generated leads
  • Flexible schedule option
  • Health care coverage available

Our program includes a paid training period, and a draw transitioning to commission and expenses.  Commission “kickers” for exceeding goals.

To join this new and exciting industry, send resume and letter of introduction to


SunPower has introduced its X-Series solar panels, for the residential market, delivering unsurpassed levels of efficiency at 21.5 percent. The panels incorporate the company’s third-generation Maxeon solar cells which are built using a copper foundation that makes them virtually impervious to the corrosion and cracking that usually act to degrade conventional solar panels.

“Our research and development teams have been working diligently to surpass the high performance standards set by our SunPower E-Series Solar Panels that are built with our second-generation solar cells” said Tom Werner, SunPower CEO.

The new panels surpass the company’s E-Series panels which were placed first, second and third in the 2012 field performance test conducted annually by Photon International Magazine. They have a sleek black appearance in order to blend into the rooftop and are available in a 250-watt small format and a 345-watt standard format.

Energy By Choice is proud to be a Premier Dealer of these best-in-class panels. SunPower is a great partner, continually making the best even better.



What is EPBB? Expected Performance-Based Buydown Solar Incentive

LIPA is revamping its rebate program; transitioning from a capacity-based incentive to an Expected Performance-Based Buydown (EPBB) incentive.  The idea is to reward homes and commercial properties with ideal solar-producing conditions with greater rebate dollars than those with marginal conditions, such as shading issues or less than optimal roof positioning.

Starting in March, LIPA rebates will be calculated according to the PV system”s expected performance and not by the system”s KW size alone. For homes with south facing roofs and no shading issues, the maximum rebate will be provided; while those with less than perfect conditions will receive reduced rebates, based on a sliding-scale calculation of performance.

This opens the LIPA rebate program up to many more homes and properties. Previously, the homes with less than perfect solar compatibility did not qualify for the LIPA rebate at all.  With the new EPBB program, less than optimal roofs will now receive rebate money – all in proportion to their system”s expected performance.


NO MONEY DOWN SOLAR LEASING is now available on Long Island, which makes solar technology and New York tax credits available to almost everyone.

LIPA is now allowing third-party-owned (leased) solar systems, which offers an opportunity for more homeowners to enjoy the low-cost benefits of solar energy.


SAVE EVERY MONTH With Solar Leasing you will save immediately on your monthly electric bills – you pay for your solar power by the month – just like your utility bill – only lower. Your new LIPA bill plus your lease payment will be significantly less than your current LIPA bill. Instead of buying the equipment, you simply lease it.

Third party financing (leasing) is attractive because homeowners can install solar with zero money down, making a system profitable from day one. Third-party solar companies offer the opportunity to install solar panels on your home while avoiding upfront costs.  The solar service provider owns and monitors the system, and the homeowner pays a low rate for the power, making solar more attainable for families of all incomes.



Call 631-757-6984 or contact us to learn more.


Sail Van Nostrand will be speaking at IESC 2013

International Energy and Sustainability Conference 2013 on March 22nd

The IESC 2013 will be held at Farmingdale State College, with the theme of “Renewables in Smart Grid Technology for a Sustainable Future”.  Experts in the industry will be presenting on emerging technologies and future directions in their fields.  IESC 2013 will provide a great opportunity to gain an up-to-date perspective on the state of the Smart Grid.


The Solar Industry in New York is in Good Hands

Sail Van Nostrand is elected President of NYSEIA

Energy By Choice has announced that Sail Van Nostrand has been elected to the position of President of the New York Solar Energy Industries Association (NYSEIA).   NYSEIA is the only state-wide trade association dedicated solely to advancing the solar energy industry in New York State.

Sail is very active in promoting the solar industry in New York.  He previously held the position of Vice President of NYSEIA and as chairman of LISEIA (Long Island Solar Energy Industries Assoc.). He is NABCEP certified as well as Sunpower certified.  He is working hard to instill a code of ethics in the solar industry, helping consumers reduce their energy costs while preserving our beautiful environment for future generations.

NYSEIA strives to promote policies and awareness of solar energy in order to grow the installed base of solar energy in the state, increase the number of people employed in the solar energy industry, and grow the value of solar energy goods and services throughout New York State. In addition to the legislative and policy making aspect, NYSEIA is active in developing the future solar workforce by providing training and internship programs. NYSEIA serves as a clearinghouse for those seeking information on solar energy.


We”re Smartphone Ready!

Energy By Choice has launched a new mobile website to meet the demand from a fast-growing population of smartphone users. Now iPhone, Android and Blackberry users have easy access to our mobile-enabled site.

We”ve distilled the most important functions of our site and optimized them for intuitive and natural delivery for our mobile customers. Now you can have access to our website wherever you are. Our easy-to-navigate site allows you to quickly find some great solar basics.


As the world celebrated Earth Day, a very worthy milestone was reached here on Long Island — the 5000th solar roof. “A decade ago Long Island had only a handful of rebated solar installations; it now has 5,000 solar roofs,” said Gordian Raacke, Executive Director of Renewable Energy Long Island, a local not-for-profit advocacy group. The 5000 solar roofs consist of 4,571 residential and 609 commercial installations totaling 38,520 kilowatts (kWs) of solar panels. Through LIPA’s nationally recognized Solar Pioneer and Solar Entrepreneur Program, the Authority has rebated over $122 million for rooftop solar systems that are expected to produce 46,000,000 kilowatt hours (kWhs) per year for the next 20 years. This is the equivalent to removing almost 4,000 cars off the road and 2,429,937 gallons of gas consumed per year.

LIPA Chief Operating Officer Michael D. Hervey said, “The 5,000th installation is a key step towards reaching energy independence, improving the environment, lowering the cost of solar, and successfully transforming and sustaining a robust solar market that continues to create jobs on Long Island.” Long Island’s solar growth has been fueled by LIPA’s solar programs and initiatives, including the cash rebates that cut the out-of-pocket cost of PV systems.

Simultaneously, and just as exciting was the launch of Governor Cuomo’s NY-Sun Initiative; set to double the amount of customer-sited solar power installed annually in New York, and quadruple that amount by 2013. “The NY-Sun Initiative puts New York at the forefront of solar development and research, creating green jobs while containing energy costs for consumers,” Governor Cuomo said. “This clean energy investment will help protect the environment, expand our solar capacity, and lead to a long term reduction of the cost of solar in New York.”


Wishing you all the warmth and happiness this beautiful season always brings. Thank you for the pleasure of your friendship and goodwill during the past year. Wishing you and all those close to you… a joyous holiday season, a new year of happiness, and hope for a world at peace.


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Great News! Cuomo signs rooftop solar installation loan bill

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo this week signed legislation that will allow Long Island homeowners to fund the purchase of their rooftop solar energy systems through state loans that are paid back through their energy bill. The bill, originally proposed two years ago by Assemblyman Steven Englebright (D-Setauket) but sponsored by two upstate legislators, is expectedContinue Reading

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SunPower modules take top three positions in international yield test

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What is EPBB? Expected Performance-Based Buydown

LIPA is revamping its rebate program; transitioning from a capacity-based incentive to an Expected Performance-Based Buydown (EPBB) incentive.  The idea is to reward homes and commercial properties with ideal solar-producing conditions with greater rebate dollars than those with marginal conditions, such as shading issues or less than optimal roof positioning. Starting in March, LIPA rebatesContinue Reading

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