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Keeping Up With The Greens: Solar Is Contagious

If your Neighbor has Solar Panels, you’re more likely to go Solar

You know that phrase, “One good thing leads to another?” Well, it couldn’t ring more true than in the solar industry.  Someone is considerably more likely to install solar panels on their home if others in their neighborhood have already installed them, according to research from Yale and NYU.  The researchers found that residents are much more likely to install solar panels if they are already installed in their zip code, and particularly if they are installed on their street. The study also clearly shows what led to the increase: visibility and word-of-mouth.

We have found this to be true here at Energy By Choice.  As a matter of fact, we have two solar owners on the same street.  Two different customers just called with friends’ names.  It seems that their positive experience with us was worth passing on.

However you come to solar, we’re happy you did.  The more you know the better armed you are to make the right choice for you.  Ask your friends, neighbors or Energy By Choice to tell their solar story.  Chances are, you’ll want to consider a system for yourself.  When something’s that good, you want to pass it on.

Solar and Snow – No Shovel Needed!

It’s almost winter in and you know what that means: cold temperatures, gusty winds and plentiful snow. And while those conditions are great for skiing, sledding and snowball fights, how do they work for generating solar energy? The answer might surprise you. While it’s true that solar systems do not generate energy during storms thatContinue Reading


Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts now outrank California, Arizona and New Mexico in the amount of money each ray of sunlight can generate for homeowners, according to the Geostellar Solar Index, a new scientific and economic analysis of Americans’ savings through rooftop solar.   The new index shows the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states offer theContinue Reading

Great News! Cuomo signs rooftop solar installation loan bill

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo this week signed legislation that will allow Long Island homeowners to fund the purchase of their rooftop solar energy systems through state loans that are paid back through their energy bill. The bill, originally proposed two years ago by Assemblyman Steven Englebright (D-Setauket) but sponsored by two upstate legislators, is expectedContinue Reading

PRESS RELEASE FROM THE GOVERNOR’S OFFICE, Albany, NY (April 22, 2013) Andrew M. Cuomo - Governor Governor Cuomo Releases Earth Day Statement and New Environmental Initiatives Proposes Expanded NY-Sun Program to Help Combat Climate Change and Create Green Jobs across the State  Announces Partnership to Create Web-Based Repository of New York Climate Change Data “Today is EarthContinue Reading

SunPower modules take top three positions in international yield test

Published in PV Tech Magazine, March 25, 2013: US-based module manufacturer SunPower has been ranked in the three top places in the PHOTON International 2012 module yield test. The company’s SPR-327NE-WHT-D module came in first place with an annual yield of 1,144.1kWh per kW. The performance ratio estimates 95.2% according to a theoretical approach ofContinue Reading

What is EPBB? Expected Performance-Based Buydown

LIPA is revamping its rebate program; transitioning from a capacity-based incentive to an Expected Performance-Based Buydown (EPBB) incentive.  The idea is to reward homes and commercial properties with ideal solar-producing conditions with greater rebate dollars than those with marginal conditions, such as shading issues or less than optimal roof positioning. Starting in March, LIPA rebatesContinue Reading

2012 is officially the Warmest Year on Record for the U.S.

It’s official: 2012 was the warmest year on record for the United States and the second most extreme in terms of weather events, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) annual “State of the Climate” report released Tuesday. The average temperature for the entire year was 55.3 degrees Fahrenheit, a full degree warmerContinue Reading

Are these images all too familiar?

We have two great Emergency Power Options! Has your existing generator worn you out?  Are you tired of feeding it gasoline? You should consider a tri-fuel generator that also works on natural gas as well as propane like your bar-be-que.  This may be the solution you’re looking for. And many have asked us if getting solarContinue Reading

Shade Issues? SunPower’s AC Solar Panel may be your answer

When people decide to go solar, they often have to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of various technology options: if you find a photovoltaic system that’s aesthetically pleasing, you might have to sacrifice efficiency, for example. Every house is different and every system needs to balance what’s most important. Now, though, there’s a new optionContinue Reading