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SunPower modules take top three positions in international yield test

Published in PV Tech Magazine, March 25, 2013:

US-based module manufacturer SunPower has been ranked in the three top places in the PHOTON International 2012 module yield test.

The company’s SPR-327NE-WHT-D module came in first place with an annual yield of 1,144.1kWh per kW. The performance ratio estimates 95.2% according to a theoretical approach of 1,202 kWh per kW output.

Two of the company’s other modules achieved performance ratio values of 94.9 and 94.8% respectively.

Chinese manufacturer Seraphim Solar System ranked fourth place with its SRP-220-6PB module, with a performance ratio of 93.6%.

Last year’s winner was the REC230AE module made by the Norwegian manufacturer Renewable Energy while this year the module came in 27th out of 151 modules tested.

REC’s module performance ratio has increased from 90.8% in 2011 to 91.4% in 2012 due to favorable weather conditions.

All in all, 109 of the tested modules received a better performance ratio in 2012 than in 2011 and 72 modules achieved a performance ratio of 90% or over.

Shade Issues? SunPower’s AC Solar Panel may be your answer

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85% of NY’s Electorate is Willing to Pay More for SOLAR

Income is not determinative of willingness to pay for more solar in New York.  Fully 82% of lowest-income respondents interviewed (less than $30K/yr) indicate a willingness to pay something more.  This is only slightly lower than the highest-income respondents ($100K/yr or more), among whom 88% are willing to pay something more each month.

Long Island Reaches a SOLAR Milestone

As the world celebrated Earth Day, a very worthy milestone was reached here on Long Island — the 5000th solar roof. “A decade ago Long Island had only a handful of rebated solar installations; it now has 5,000 solar roofs,” said Gordian Raacke, Executive Director of Renewable Energy Long Island, a local not-for-profit advocacy group.Continue Reading

Governor Cuomo calls for quadrupling solar in the state

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo made solar a priority in his “State of the State Address”. “In its first year, the NY-Sun Initiative will be capable of doubling the customer-sited photovoltaic capacity that was installed in 2011. By 2013, we estimate that NY-Sun will quadruple the 2011 capacity,” Cuomo said during the speech. The move drewContinue Reading

New York Nudging Into Solar Leader Status

Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered his 2012 State of the State address on Wednesday, outlining an ambitious plan to drive four-fold growth in New York’s solar market by next year. “We have aggressively developed our hydroelectric resources and are making great progress in tapping our land-based wind resources. Now it is time to focus more attentionContinue Reading


The monetary value of solar power could be as much as 10-times the cost, according to a recent Grist article by energy researcher John Farrell. Farrell, who works for the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, said solar power’s ability to reduce peak demand on the distribution system, hedge against fuel price increase and enhance environmental andContinue Reading

How to choose a Solar Installer

According to NYSERDA (New York State Energy & Research Development Authority), it is best to choose an installer who has the following qualifications: Are their installers fully Trained, Licensed and Insured? Several manufacturers offer comprehensive training and every installer on your roof should be trained.  Check the company’s licenses in your county as well asContinue Reading

SEIA: Behind the Solyndra Headlines

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Hidden Cost Savings: The Top 9 Public Benefits Of Installing Solar Power

Even as the costs of solar power continue to decline, a widespread perception from the public and many policymakers that solar is “too expensive” remains stubbornly in place – much to the frustration of advocates and industry professionals. A new study challenges this assumption by delving into the numbers to compare the actual costs andContinue Reading