Should I Install a Heat Pump or Solar Pool Heater?

Posted on: January 10, 2017

Thinking of putting in a pool? Or perhaps you already have one with a heat pump, but you’re considering switching systems. So which is better, a heat pump or dedicated solar pool heating? Weigh the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.

Heat Pump Pool Heating

Solar heat pumps can help heat your pool, and they even use solar energy in the process! But are they the best option? You decide.

Heat Pump Advantages

  • High efficiency: Heat pumps for pools are usually very efficient, costing most homeowners only about $50-$100 each month, particularly when the weather is not too cold.
  • Excellent temperature control: You can expect fairly reliable pool temperatures most of the year when you use a heat pump

Heat Pump Pool Heater Considerations

  • High maintenance: You will need to invest in periodic service by an HVAC contractor when you install a heat pump for your pool.
  • Confusion: Homeowners often think that solar heat pumps will run entirely on solar energy, but you need to leave them running all the time in order for them to function properly, so they constantly use electricity.
  • Compatibility with the climate: Because heat pumps use the air around it to transfer heat to the pool, they are not very efficient in colder climates like the one in Long Island.

Solar Pool Heating

Solar panels use energy from the sun to heat your pool. This option is growing in popularity in sunny climates. With about 234 sunny or partly sunny days a year on Long Island, solar pool heating is certainly an option.

Solar Pool Heater Advantages

  • Low lifetime costs: Solar pool heaters have very low operating costs. In fact, at the height of a sunny day, which is the prime time to go swimming, you can heat your pool for free!
  • Prolong the season: Instead of dreading high utility costs on cool but sunny spring or autumn days, let your solar panels heat your pool for free. This extends the swimming season and maximizes your investment.

Solar Pool Heater Considerations

  • Dependent on the sun: You may need to supplement your solar heater with gas or electric power if you want to swim at night or on cloudy days.

Solar vs Heat Pump Pool Heating: The Final Verdict

Even though heat pump pool heating has its benefits, solar pool heating is the way to go, particularly on Long Island. To learn more about installing a solar pool heater with the help of Energy By Choice, contact us today!

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    Great Installation, Great Company, Great People. This is the first time I’ve ever dealt with a contractor and the estimate was exactly the same as the proposal !!!. No out of pocket expense. By the way I interviewed 8 companies. Energy by Choice was a pleasure to deal with. No buying pressure. My solar has been installed for 16 months. My electric bill was $350 a month. My connection charges average $12 a month. I’m saving $338 a month!

  • Mike Bethpage

    Very professional. Got They helped set up the financing, the permits and gave me the system that I wanted. After all the incentives I paid $16,000, but my bill is still over $100 cheaper than my budget payment. They also follow up with suggestions on how to get the most from your system. Sail’s the best.

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    We are extremely happy with our experience so far with Energy By Choice & Sun Power. From the sales dept. to the installation, everything went very well. Steve, Kelly, Sail & Evelyn as well as the install crew are all very knowledgeable and professional. Thank you for getting us “green” & for enabling us in the near future to tell PSE & G to take their highest energy rates in the country & stick it where the “Sun don’t shine”.

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    I was looking for a company to install solar that operates from integrity and honesty.
    From the day I made my commitment, Energy by Choice took care of me from start to finish. Any questions I had were always promptly answered, before during and after the installation. The best thing about the company is that they keep their word and could be trusted. I was lucky to have found them. I would recommend them to my friends, relatives and colleagues. Thank you Bruce, Sail, Kelly, Stephen, Jorge and Matt for a job well done. I love my solar.

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    Sail thank you so much for addressing my concerns so promptly and so completely. I have to tell you that the more my husband and I deal with your company, the more confident we are that we made the right decision in choosing you as our solar company and look forward to working with you.

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    Helpful, honest; enjoyed the experience of the office personnel, (no pressure) from initial phone inquiry to certificate of completion. Getting better than half the cost returned from the State & Federal Gov. helped even more.
    My spouse, who’s been in construction and more than handy, states that, “I watched the whole installation and even though I had asked a “thousand” questions the crew was more than courteous and professional!” (He even got up on the roof to watch). Only thing left is to reap the rewards of the investment of our home & future. I would recommend Energy By Choice as a preference over the other companies who tried to push & sell their products to us.

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    Great company. Great installation. Exactly as promised. Sail, Steve and their team worked cleanly and efficiently. Would definitely recommend Energy By Choice for all your Solar needs.

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    From Start to Finish and post installation Sail and his staff especially the crew that did the installation were off the charts GREAT!!! If you’re going solar you should for sure give Energy By Choice a chance to meet your needs.

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    Very glad I chose Energy By Choice as the people to install my solar system, every thing went smoothly and thanks to their system 3/4 of my electric for the first year is being supplied by the sun. And their monitoring of the system works like a charm. Would recommend them to anyone!

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    Awesome-Producing more than what was estimated-SWEET!

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    I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience with Energy By Choice. Sail and his entire staff are professional and compassionate about what they do. They want their customer to be well informed and happy from start to finish…Give them a call…You will NOT be disappointed!

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    Probably one of the most helpful, honest, experienced and knowledgeable companies I have dealt with. They made entire process very easy.

  • Don Port Jefferson

    I was particularly impressed by your UNwillingness to fill the roof with as many panels as could fit. Actually, it was not so much your unwillingness, but your reasoning that made the difference: poorly functioning panels reduce the efficiency of the others!

  • Mike Long Beach

    Sail designed and installed the right system for our home. His crew was eager to be part of the amazing ‘revolution’. As I wake each morning and look to the sky I see the world in a new way, a hopeful way. Even on cloudy days we make electricity.

  • Jerry Baiting Hollow

    From the start your approach was professional, and every step of the way you clearly and accurately represented the parameters of the project. The only surprises that we had were positive ones: the neatness of the work was exceptional and the effect of the solar cells on our electric bill exceeded our expectations.