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If you live in Oyster Bay, you probably love your home: it’s near beautiful north shore beaches, including Center Island and Bayville. You likely appreciate the area’s rich history—Teddy Roosevelt’s summer home is there. But while there are many perks to living in Oyster Bay—the great shops and restaurants, and getting to visit your neighbor Billy Joel at his motorcycle shop, to name a few—there’s likely one thbayville_oyster-baying you dread each year: electricity price increases.

However, there is something you can do about it: Go solar!

Any solar electric installation can reduce your electric costs. It’s a big decision and you need to be sure you understand all your solar energy options. Energy by Choice is an owner-operated solar design and installation firm that specializes in working with Oyster Bay homes and businesses.  We offer both high efficiency and standard efficiency solar panels in Oyster Bay with a variety of financing options.

If you’d like to discuss installing solar energy panels on your Oyster Bay property, call us at 631-757-6984 or contact us online today!

We help our customers shape their own solar solution.  It’s about choice.

Not Just Another Oyster Bay Solar Energy Installer

At Energy By Choice, we take pride in our honest service. We believe a large portion of our job is to educate our customers to ensure that you are aware of and understand all of the choices in both equipment and financing before selecting the solar energy solution that best fits your needs and works best with your circumstances.

When you call our Oyster Bay solar panel company, you’ll reach full-service solar energy professionals whose singular mission is to provide customers with customized solutions that are truly the right fit. Our relationship starts with:

  • A free consultation to determine if solar power is right for you
  • A free comprehensive site survey
  • Recommended solar system designs
  • Long- and short-term savings estimates
  • Financing By Choice options

We require no obligation on your part for these services. We operate on the belief that happy, satisfied customers fully understand the benefits and disadvantages of each option, and they make decisions after they have that information. We are committed to getting our Oyster Bay solar customers to that point.

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Solar Power Services in Oyster Bay, NY

We are proud to offer design, installation, maintenance, and repair service for the following solar energy systems in Oyster Bay:

Solar Electric

cain-oyster-baySolar electric power is generated from sunlight using Photovoltaic (PV) Panels. PV Panels are typically mounted on roofs, and they convert the sun’s radiant energy into electricity. Through electronic inverters this energy is converted into 120 volts AC.

This solar-generated AC power is connected to your home’s electric system, which supplies power to your home or business. A PV Panel installation provides free solar-generated electricity for your use, and can provide you with energy credit from your utility company. On days when your solar system generates more power than is typically needed, the surplus power feeds back to the utility company, who banks your account through net metering. You can use this banked kilowatt energy for electric usage at night or days with cloud cover!

Solar Hot Water

Solar domestic hot water (SDHW) systems collect and store the sun’s radiant energy to produce and store hot water for use in the kitchen, bath, and laundry. SDHW systems in Oyster Bay use roof-mounted flat plate collector panels. Fluid in the collector, which is heated by the sun, is circulated into the house where it transfers its heat into the domestic water in an insulated tank.

A solar hot water system can increase your property value by significantly reducing the home’s energy expense.

Solar Pool Heat Systems

A solar pool heater works by pumping filtered water from the pool through solar collector panels near the pool. The pool water is heated in the collector and returned to the pool. A solar pool heater can be the sole source of heat for your pool or used in combination with your existing pool heater to reduce fuel costs. Solar pool heaters:

  • Extend the swimming season from spring to fall
  • Reduce or eliminate cost of heating a pool with gas propane, oil, or electric
  • Payback within two to three years of installation
  • Reduce pollution, smog, and greenhouse gases with clean solar energy

Ready to go solar in Oyster Bay? Contact Energy By Choice online or call us today at 631-757-6984!

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  • Jerry Baiting Hollow

    As more and more Long Islanders perceive solar energy as a win/win situation, it’s great that there are companies like Energy By Choice who can help make this happen.

  • Matt Wantagh

    Sail and Bruce were awesome, making 5 visits to our home. We wanted to go with a local company instead of one of the big companies. We have not been disappointed with our choice. I highly recommend Energy By Choice! Tell them Matt sent you!

  • Richard Huntington

    I looked at 7 different companies, Energy By Choice was the only one who didn’t shove a contract down your throat. They are local, you are a client not an account number. You meet the owner, he comes to your house. When you call with a question they know who you are. They took care of everything in a timely manner. I highly recommend Energy By Choice.

  • Raymond Port Jefferson Station

    From my first meeting with Sail to the completion of the job, everything was done in a professional manner. I had obtained several estimates from other companies before my meeting with Sail. Sail is the owner of the company, not a sales representative. He was very knowledgeable and patient and answered all my questions.

  • Jennifer East Northport

    We had a wonderful experience with Energy by Choice. They were professional, clean, and extremely honest. Speaking from experience, we researched solar for months and I highly recommend this company. Thank you for everything Sail and team!

  • Arlene Commack

    We met with Sail and he answered all of our questions and concerns. Sail put together a proposal that was perfect for our home and we’re so glad we had his expertise and knowledge to work from. We interviewed another national solar company who was offering a plan that would not have met our needs and would have been a financial disaster for us.

  • Tallyann West Babylon

    I loved the level of professionalism of all the staff from sales, to installation personal and office staff too. My panels look beautiful and the installation appears clean. I highly recommend using Energy by Choice if you are thinking about going solar. They offer the best product and service of any solar company out there.

  • John West Islip

    Great company they all know what they are doing and are very professional. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to install solar on long island.

  • Jerry Baiting Hollow

    Hopefully solar energy will become a more common option on Long Island for both electric and for hot water. It provides an opportunity to help the environment, contribute to our country’s energy independence and to benefit from the financial savings over time.

  • The Becerra Family Huntington Station

    The whole team is very professional. Sail always answers your questions with professionalism and patience. The crew that installed our panels were on time, efficient, polite and the site was left clean. Our panels are Sunpower, made in USA, which is what we wanted. Energy by Choice were the only ones that offered these panels. Other companies told us we could not afford a system with Sunpower panels and were offering LG panels. Sail offered from the beginning the Sunpower panels.
    Most import of all this is a local company!

  • Sue New Hyde Park

    Energy By Choice installed my solar several years ago and have yet to pay more than the mandatory few cents a day service fee by the electric company, but even that washes out in the end with money I make back at the end of the year. While I have had no problems with my system, I have had questions and Sail Van Nostrand is always attentive to me and responds to my inquiries quickly and professionally. I whole heartedly recommend Energy By Choice to anyone looking for a solar contractor.

  • Bill Brentwood

    A company dealing with its customers as well as Energy by Choice did with me is no accident, it happens from the top down. Sail the owner runs a good ship and it shows! If you own a home on Long Island, I recommend you get solar from Energy By Choice.

  • Anthony Mattituck

    It was a great thrill to see our electric meter running in reverse after the installation of our system. We look forward to many years of gaining some energy independence from the high cost of electric on Long Island.”