Tell a Friend About Your Solar System

Your referral is our greatest compliment.

Are you happy with your new solar electric system? Know anyone who’s also thinking about solar?

It has been our experience that the good word of a happy customer far outweighs anything we can say about ourselves. We are so grateful to our customers who continue to spread the solar word by sharing their Energy By Choice story with family and friends.

Since you already have solar from Energy By Choice, you are well aware of the immense benefits you’ve experienced by making the switch. But what about your friends, family, and neighbors? Do you know someone who may benefit from going solar? We want to reward you for encouraging friends and family to reap the many financial and environmental benefits of investing in a solar power system.

When you refer a friend, we will reach out to them and schedule a no-obligation, no-pressure consultation. We will propose a system that meets their needs and maximizes their savings.

As a way to thank you for encouraging others, we will send you $500 as soon as their solar panel installation is complete. It’s that simple—a win-win for everyone involved.

Host a Solar Party for Even More Rewards

Want another way to encourage your friends and family to join the solar movement and invest in alternative energy sources? Let Energy By Choice help you host a solar party. It’s the new Tupperware party, only a whole lot more fun!

Hosting a solar party is simple and can take place in your home or yard, on your own time. We’ll provide the food, drinks, and party goods and we’ll be there to answer any questions your guests may have about solar.

In fact, the fun doesn’t stop there! Because we love your passion for spreading the word, you will receive $50 for each guest that we meet with after the party.  And for each friend who then signs a contract and pursues the installation process you will receive $500!

Contact us today to learn more about hosting your own solar party—631-757-6984!

Our roster of happy customers has grown because of solar enthusiasts like you who spread the solar word.

Tell Us About Your Friend

Reap the rewards
  • There is no obligation on your friend's part, and we will respect their privacy.




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  • Rich Port Jefferson Station

    I can’t wait to be a referral for your potential future customers and I’m working on getting my neighbors, friends and family members that are candidates to consider going solar with you.

  • John Northport

    Energy By Choice was recommended by several of our neighbors and we couldn’t be happier we decided to use them. This company was great in every way. Sail and his team are of the highest integrity, were very responsive, and truly walked us through the entire project. There were absolutely no surprises. I never felt like I was getting the “hard sell” treatment at any turn. I highly recommend Sail and his team. BTW, I gave an A not because they were the cheapest because they weren’t. However, I didn’t want cheap. I wanted high quality and but pay middle of the road. I also highly suggest anyone considering solar to go the route we did and not go for the cheapest or you risk getting what you pay for.

  • Matt Wantagh

    We finally did it! We signed up for a new solar energy system with Energy By Choice. Bruce Howard and Sail Van Nostrand (the sales rep and owner) were terrific to deal with, and I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about converting to solar power!

  • Matt Wantagh

    Sail and Bruce were awesome, making 5 visits to our home. We wanted to go with a local company instead of one of the big companies. We have not been disappointed with our choice. I highly recommend Energy By Choice! Tell them Matt sent you!

  • Richard Huntington

    I looked at 7 different companies, Energy By Choice was the only one who didn’t shove a contract down your throat. They are local, you are a client not an account number. You meet the owner, he comes to your house. When you call with a question they know who you are. They took care of everything in a timely manner. I highly recommend Energy By Choice.

  • Bill Brentwood

    A company dealing with its customers as well as Energy by Choice did with me is no accident, it happens from the top down. Sail the owner runs a good ship and it shows! If you own a home on Long Island, I recommend you get solar from Energy By Choice.