Solar Panels For Homes on Long Island

mohr-jorge-panels-300x225When you have a car payment, a mortgage, student loans, or any number of common monthly payments, every bill adds up—and any reduction of those bills can make a big impact on your budget. When you install solar panels for home use on Long Island, you not only get to enjoy the fact that you are contributing to a healthier, more efficient planet through the use of clean energy, but you get to reduce one of your monthly bills as well!

Are you interested in finding out more about solar panels for home use? Contact Energy by Choice! We are a local Long Island solar company that can help you evaluate whether or not solar energy is right for you—it all starts with a free consultation! Call us at 631-757-6984 to get started.

Residential Solar Panels

Are you curious about how residential solar panels work and how they can fit into your life? Solar electric power is generated from sunlight using Photovoltaic (PV) Panels. PV Panels, or what are commonly known as “solar panels,” are typically mounted on roofs, and they convert the sun’s radiant energy into electricity. Through electronic inverters this energy in converted into 120 volts AC. This solar-generated AC power is connected to the utility company’s wires, which supply power to your home. Once residential solar panels are installed, they don’t change your life in many ways that are felt—except when it comes time to pay your energy bill each month!

Home Solar Electric Systems on Long Island

Beyond standard solar panels, there are a few additional solar energy systems you can have installed at your Long Island home. Those include:

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar domestic hot water (SDHW) systems collect and store the sun’s radiant energy to produce and store hot water for use in the kitchen, bath, and laundry. SDHW systems on Long Island use roof-mounted flat plate collector panels. Fluid in the collector, which is heated by the sun, is circulated into the house where it transfers its heat into the domestic water in an insulated tank.

A solar hot water system can increase your property value by significantly reducing the home’s energy expense!

Solar Pool Heat Systems

A solar pool heater works by pumping filtered water from your home’s pool through solar collector panels near the pool. The pool water is heated in the collector and returned to the pool. A solar pool heater can be the sole source of heat for your pool or used in combination with your existing pool heater to reduce fuel costs. Solar pool heaters:

  • Extend the swimming season from spring to fall
  • Maximize your swimming pool investment
  • Reduce or eliminate cost of heating a pool with gas propane, oil, or electric
  • Pay for themselves within two to three years of installation

Solar Battery Backup Systems

What does a battery backup system do and how does it work? With this option, you ensure that even when the grid goes down, you’ll still have solar power available to you, even if you aren’t home to start it up. The solar panels generate electricity, send it through an inverter, and direct power to your home as you consume it. Any excess power charges the battery backup system. Only once the battery is fully charged does extra electricity get passed on to the grid. The battery stores power that you can access anytime you need it and is set to automatically switch on to prevent any interruption in electrical services when the power goes out.

Home Solar Power on Long Island

Are you looking for a solar energy company on Long Island who can help get your home solar power? Consider trusting the local solar experts at Energy By Choice! We will sit down with you and make sure you are aware of and understand all your residential solar panel options, and we will ensure that you end up with the solar energy solution that best fits your needs and circumstances.

When you call us, you’ll get a free consultation to determine if solar power is right for you, a free comprehensive site survey, and a solar system investment and savings estimate. Interested in residential solar panels? Contact our local team of solar energy professionals today!

Our Residential Solar Energy Service Area

We are a residential solar energy company on Long Island that services Nassau and Suffolk counties, installing throughout the community towns of Huntington, Northport, Babylon, Smithtown, Oyster Bay, Hempstead, Riverhead, Islip, North Hempstead, Southampton and Brookhaven.

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  • Victoria Northport

    Energy by Choice was one of our best decisions: Professional, intelligent gentlemen, on time, kept to schedule, neat, proficient, excellent in customer service. The sales, the office, the installers, everyone. My PSEG bill is $12.00 a month…….yes loans to pay for installation, once that is paid off ….$12.00 a month. We love our solar panels, beautiful, energy efficient, less pollution, better for the environment and my son’s future.

  • Ginny Amityville

    This is the kind of letter we love to receive!
    “Hi Kelly, Please pass this [email] to the work crew and especially to Sail. The village inspector, Robert A., P.E., said “I have never seen a professional installation such as this.” His compliments to the crew.

  • Kenneth Commack

    Great people to work with. Sail and Stephen made everything a breeze from initial inspection, financing, permits and installation. Steve and his crew were respectful, knowledgeable, clean and took pride in their work! Looking forward to bright sun shiny days.

  • Ginny Amityville

    A delightful experience. Delightful, efficient team of installers. Can’t wait to see my savings and the difference in my PSEG bills.

  • Ralph Smithtown

    Energy By Choice did a great job! The job was neat and clean. The guys were great. My panels are awesome! I would recommend Energy By Choice to anyone. I have central air, pool and hot tub, electric stove and dryer. Good bye electric bill!

  • Judy Mineola

    My spouse, who’s been in construction and more than handy, states that, “I watched the whole installation and even though I had asked a “thousand” questions the crew was more than courteous and professional!” (He even got up on the roof to watch). Only thing left is to reap the rewards of the investment of our home & future. I would recommend Energy By Choice as a preference over the other companies who tried to push & sell their products to us.

  • Mary Massapequa Park

    All staff were very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Sail is enthusiastic and passionate about the product. I didn’t feel pressured, but I was also given a very complete evaluation and comprehensive plan for the project. The staff was great in answering questions and helping with the preparation/paperwork required. Installation was a very positive experience and operated as a well-managed team. Since completion of the project, the company has continued to stay in touch. I feel like a member of a club.

  • Mike Farmingdale

    Working with Sail and his installation team was a terrific experience. I have had my Solar Panels for just about one year now and couldn’t be any happier with my decision to have chosen the Energy By Choice team to professionally install my solar panel system.

  • Tallyann West Babylon

    I loved the level of professionalism of all the staff from sales, to installation personal and office staff too. My panels look beautiful and the installation appears clean. I highly recommend using Energy by Choice if you are thinking about going solar. They offer the best product and service of any solar company out there.

  • Mike Mazol

    I just had my Solar Panel System installed this week. From the start of the process with Sail, and Steve and his crew at the end, it was totally professional. Steve and his team worked in a clean and safe manner and were definitely one of the best contractor teams I’ve had the pleasure to work with. At times you wouldn’t even know they were here doing the system. If you are thinking about getting Solar Power, I would highly recommend using Energy By Choice as the company to do the work.

  • Gil Lido Beach

    From Start to Finish and post installation Sail and his staff especially the crew that did the installation were off the charts GREAT!!! If you’re going solar you should for sure give Energy By Choice a chance to meet your needs.

  • Ernie Calverton

    I have been extremely happy with the service I received from this company and the way they treated me from the first call. They were incredibly patient, professional, and prompt from the start. The installation took one day, and when I got home the area had been cleaned up and looked good, and the system has been working incredibly well since then, with no problems whatsoever. I would recommend them to anyone.

  • The Becerra Family Huntington Station

    The whole team is very professional. Sail always answers your questions with professionalism and patience. The crew that installed our panels were on time, efficient, polite and the site was left clean. Our panels are Sunpower, made in USA, which is what we wanted. Energy by Choice were the only ones that offered these panels. Other companies told us we could not afford a system with Sunpower panels and were offering LG panels. Sail offered from the beginning the Sunpower panels. Most import of all this is a local company!”

  • Ruth Ridge

    I couldn’t be happier with my solar installation. Everything went smoothly. In less than two weeks the system has produced 377 kWh, and saved 597 lbs of CO2 emissions. Thanks for your patience and for answering all my questions and concerns. So, all in all, I’m happy would be an understatement. I’m ECSTATIC!

  • Demerise Northport

    Thank you for the excellence and thoroughness of the total job. I love the $8. or $9. per month bills from LIPA and I so appreciated the qualities of your installation team.
    It was like having nephews working in and around my house, so totally comfortable. Your office team was also and continues to be so helpful and lovely to deal with. Finally, filling out the right income tax papers, and sending them to me, unasked, was a classy final touch. I’d do it all over again with Energy by Choice. It has been a pleasure and a wonderful experience working with you.

  • Rich Port Jefferson Station

    Your install was meticulous and went precisely as you described. In an environment of “good help is hard to find” your team was a pleasure to have on the property.

  • Christine Farmingdale

    I am extremely satisfied with Energy By Choice – you and your team were fabulous to work with; courteous and professional and very thorough.

  • Jerry Baiting Hollow

    From the start your approach was professional, and every step of the way you clearly and accurately represented the parameters of the project. The only surprises that we had were positive ones: the neatness of the work was exceptional and the effect of the solar cells on our electric bill exceeded our expectations.