Solar Electrical Systems on Long Island

If you are interested in installing solar electrical systems on Long Island, you’re in good company! Homeowners who choose to go solar can receive many benefits, including:

  • Greatly reduced electric bills
  • An impressive return on their investment
  • Protection against rising energy costs
  • Increased property value
  • A reduced carbon footprint

Do you think solar electricity might be the right choice for you, but need to better understand how solar electrical panels work before you make any decisions? Keep reading, or call us at 631-757-6984 to speak to one of our expert solar energy professionals located on Long Island.

solar-electric-panel-water-2How Does Solar Electricity Work?

When you install solar electrical panels on Long Island, you will get a system that generates electrical power from the radiant energy in sunlight. The system uses Photovoltaic (PV) Panels, which are sheets of photoelectric semiconductors with electronic inverters, to convert energy into 120 volts AC. This AC power is connected to your utility home’s electrical system, which supplies power to your home.

Installing a solar electric system can:

  • Provide free solar-generated electricity for your use – An average home making 12,000 kilowatt hours of solar energy can save about $2,300 in its first year alone using solar energy.
  • Provide you with energy credits for nights or days with cloud cover – When your solar panels generate more power than is typically needed, the surplus power will feed back to your utility company, who will bank your account through net metering.

Are you ready to find the customized Long Island solar electric solution that’s right for you? Contact Energy By Choice now and receive a free consultation to determine if solar power is right for you, a free comprehensive site survey, and a solar electrical system investment and savings estimate.

How Do We Design Solar Electrical Panel Systems?

When you trust Energy By Choice as your Long Island solar electric company, you receive service from a company that truly believes in delivering the solar power system that’s right for you. We base our solar design on a multitude of factors specific to your individual circumstances and preferences. Those include:

  • The size of your roof – An ideal solar electric system maximizes roof space, and we strive to deliver superior designs.
  • The amount of energy you need – We aim to deliver systems that cover 100% of your electric usage using multiple module brands and configurations to maximize curb appeal.
  • The location of your home – Our engineers calculate and project the sun’s angles over your home to determine your system’s yearly energy output.
  • The look of your home – We believe solar panels should look good on your house, so our designers integrate your home’s unique architecture into their plans.

When we design your solar electric system on Long Island, we not only help design the perfect physical solution that’s right for you, but the financial solution that’s right for you, as well. At Energy By Choice you can either buy or lease your solar panels, and we can help you decide which option makes the most sense in your situation. Contact us online or call us at 631-757-6984 to get started!

Our Solar Electric Service Area

We are a residential solar energy company based on Long Island that services Nassau and Suffolk counties, installation throughout the community towns of Huntington, Northport, Babylon, Smithtown, Oyster Bay, Riverhead, Islip, Hempstead, North Hempstead, Southampton, and Brookhaven.

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  • Ralph Smithtown

    We are extremely happy with our experience with Energy By Choice. The entire process went smoothly. No pressure sales. Went over all the options. Great customer service. Great installation. Couldn’t be happier!

  • Richard Huntington

    I looked at 7 different companies, Energy By Choice was the only one who didn’t shove a contract down your throat. They are local, you are a client not an account number. You meet the owner, he comes to your house. When you call with a question they know who you are. They took care of everything in a timely manner. I highly recommend Energy By Choice.

  • Joe West Babylon

    Great Installation, Great Company, Great People. This is the first time I’ve ever dealt with a contractor and the estimate was exactly the same as the proposal !!!. No out of pocket expense. By the way I interviewed 8 companies. Energy by Choice was a pleasure to deal with. No buying pressure. My solar has been installed for 16 months. My electric bill was $350 a month. My connection charges average $12 a month. I’m saving $338 a month!

  • Mike Bethpage

    Very professional. Got They helped set up the financing, the permits and gave me the system that I wanted. After all the incentives I paid $16,000, but my bill is still over $100 cheaper than my budget payment. They also follow up with suggestions on how to get the most from your system. Sail’s the best.

  • Ralph Lindenhurst

    We are extremely happy with our experience so far with Energy By Choice & Sun Power. From the sales dept. to the installation, everything went very well. Steve, Kelly, Sail & Evelyn as well as the install crew are all very knowledgeable and professional. Thank you for getting us “green” & for enabling us in the near future to tell PSE & G to take their highest energy rates in the country & stick it where the “Sun don’t shine”.

  • Louise Melville

    I was looking for a company to install solar that operates from integrity and honesty.
    From the day I made my commitment, Energy by Choice took care of me from start to finish. Any questions I had were always promptly answered, before during and after the installation. The best thing about the company is that they keep their word and could be trusted. I was lucky to have found them. I would recommend them to my friends, relatives and colleagues. Thank you Bruce, Sail, Kelly, Stephen, Jorge and Matt for a job well done. I love my solar.

  • Laura Huntington

    Sail thank you so much for addressing my concerns so promptly and so completely. I have to tell you that the more my husband and I deal with your company, the more confident we are that we made the right decision in choosing you as our solar company and look forward to working with you.

  • Judy Mineola

    Helpful, honest; enjoyed the experience of the office personnel, (no pressure) from initial phone inquiry to certificate of completion. Getting better than half the cost returned from the State & Federal Gov. helped even more.
    My spouse, who’s been in construction and more than handy, states that, “I watched the whole installation and even though I had asked a “thousand” questions the crew was more than courteous and professional!” (He even got up on the roof to watch). Only thing left is to reap the rewards of the investment of our home & future. I would recommend Energy By Choice as a preference over the other companies who tried to push & sell their products to us.

  • Howard Commack

    Great company. Great installation. Exactly as promised. Sail, Steve and their team worked cleanly and efficiently. Would definitely recommend Energy By Choice for all your Solar needs.

  • Gil Lido Beach

    From Start to Finish and post installation Sail and his staff especially the crew that did the installation were off the charts GREAT!!! If you’re going solar you should for sure give Energy By Choice a chance to meet your needs.

  • Gene Brentwood

    Very glad I chose Energy By Choice as the people to install my solar system, every thing went smoothly and thanks to their system 3/4 of my electric for the first year is being supplied by the sun. And their monitoring of the system works like a charm. Would recommend them to anyone!

  • Mike Remsenburg

    Awesome-Producing more than what was estimated-SWEET!

  • Joe West Babylon

    I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience with Energy By Choice. Sail and his entire staff are professional and compassionate about what they do. They want their customer to be well informed and happy from start to finish…Give them a call…You will NOT be disappointed!

  • Cem Deer Park

    Probably one of the most helpful, honest, experienced and knowledgeable companies I have dealt with. They made entire process very easy.

  • Don Port Jefferson

    I was particularly impressed by your UNwillingness to fill the roof with as many panels as could fit. Actually, it was not so much your unwillingness, but your reasoning that made the difference: poorly functioning panels reduce the efficiency of the others!

  • Mike Long Beach

    Sail designed and installed the right system for our home. His crew was eager to be part of the amazing ‘revolution’. As I wake each morning and look to the sky I see the world in a new way, a hopeful way. Even on cloudy days we make electricity.

  • Jerry Baiting Hollow

    From the start your approach was professional, and every step of the way you clearly and accurately represented the parameters of the project. The only surprises that we had were positive ones: the neatness of the work was exceptional and the effect of the solar cells on our electric bill exceeded our expectations.