Types of Solar Panels Used on Long Island

If you are interested in installing solar panels, it is likely because you want to save money on your utility bills. One of the most important factors that will determine how much your energy bills will be after you install a solar power system is the efficiency of the panels being used. Panels are rated in watts, and the number of kilo watt hours that a panel can generate is an indication of its efficiency.

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What’s the Difference Between Standard and High Efficiency Solar Panels?

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Standard efficiency solar panels are often mass produced and feature price point as an attractive selling point. Many manufacturers of conventional efficiency solar panels have recently entered the market because of the increasing demand for solar power, and do not specialize in the technology.

On the other hand, high efficiency panels are made by an established, research-based company who is known for innovation and endurance in the industry. Premium solar panels offer greater reliability because they have been thoroughly researched, tested, and perfected through customer feedback collected over decades in business. These panels have pricing to match their customers’ preference for performance and time-tested reliability. Premium panels have all-inclusive warranties that include labor and shipping.

At Energy By Choice, because we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to solar, we offer both standard and high efficiency solar panels. However, we believe that you should consider premium panels, even if cost is a major factor in your purchase, because:

  • They produce more power now and over time
  • They are often more attractive because they use a better grade of material
  • They often result in a better return on investment when you sell your house

Are you ready to determine which kind of solar panel is right for you? Contact Energy By Choice today for solar installation on Long Island! We believe in no-pressure sales, and will help educate you about your options until you feel fully prepared and empowered to make the decision that is best for you.

SunPower AC Panels

Energy By Choice is proud to be a SunPower Elite Dealer.


SunPower is the most efficient AC panel and inverter manufacturer in the market, and their products are not only powerful, but beautiful, as well. We believe they are the best sole-source AC modules in the world. You can install as many or as few as you want, put them where you want, and not have to worry about “balancing strings”—with normal inverters, you have to make sure there aren’t too many or too few modules per inverter. If you want to add more later, that’s a simple process, too. At the same time, they come with panel-level monitoring, so you can keep an eye on each one and see how the entire system is performing at any given time.

SunPower AC panels provide a revolutionary combination of high efficiency, high reliability and panel-level DC to AC power conversion, allowing almost any home to enjoy the benefits of solar electricity. They are economically viable solar options for homeowners with complex or shaded roofs.

SunPower Equinox™

sunpower-equinox-ac-panel-300x133The SunPower Equinox is the industry’s only home solar system with components designed to work together for maximum design flexibility. These systems include 96-cell AC modules with built-in micro inverters, the InvisiMount mounding system, and PV Supervisor monitoring hardware, all from one company. The Equinox offers a reliable one-stop-shop solution that lets us provide our customers with the industry’s best solar system.

Does a SunPower AC solar panel system sound like the right choice for you? Call us at 631-757-6984 and we’ll help you design your new solar electric system!

Our Solar Panel Service Area

We are a residential solar energy company based on Long Island that services Nassau and Suffolk counties, installation throughout the community towns of Huntington, Northport, Babylon, Smithtown, Oyster Bay, Riverhead, Islip, Hempstead, North Hempstead, Southampton, and Brookhaven.

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    We are extremely happy with our experience so far with Energy By Choice & Sun Power. From the sales dept. to the installation, everything went very well. Steve, Kelly, Sail & Evelyn as well as the install crew are all very knowledgeable and professional. Thank you for getting us “green” & for enabling us in the near future to tell PSE & G to take their highest energy rates in the country & stick it where the “Sun don’t shine”.

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    Sail and his crew just finished a 9.5KW sun power solar system on my house .I am very happy with the installation and in the way the job was run from start to finish. I chose Energy By Choice because of the high standard that they offered. I am sure that I made correct decision and would highly recommend them.

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    I loved the level of professionalism of all the staff from sales, to installation personal and office staff too. My panels look beautiful and the installation appears clean. I highly recommend using Energy by Choice if you are thinking about going solar. They offer the best product and service of any solar company out there.

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    The whole team is very professional. Sail always answers your questions with professionalism and patience. The crew that installed our panels were on time, efficient, polite and the site was left clean. Our panels are Sunpower, made in USA, which is what we wanted. Energy by Choice were the only ones that offered these panels. Other companies told us we could not afford a system with Sunpower panels and were offering LG panels. Sail offered from the beginning the Sunpower panels. Most import of all this is a local company!

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    You’re building a great brand that stands for value and quality, and after doing my homework in picking out a solar contractor, I know I went with the best!

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    From the start your approach was professional, and every step of the way you clearly and accurately represented the parameters of the project. The only surprises that we had were positive ones: the neatness of the work was exceptional and the effect of the solar cells on our electric bill exceeded our expectations.