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Benefits of Working with Energy By Choice

bemefits-of-working-with-ebc-300x200When it comes to going solar on Long Island, you have a many options. The solar industry is a competitive field, so any solar contractor you choose to work with will have to have many attractive qualities to stay viable with its peers.

So what makes Energy By Choice the solar energy company to choose on Long Island?

We Are Local

We are a locally owned business that has been serving Long Island for more than 10 years—we’ve stayed around to take care of our customers while many large corporations have come in, installed units while the market was hot, and then left. We will be here to help you maintain and repair your solar system after it is installed for years to come.

We Offer a Satisfaction Guarantee

The quality of our work is guaranteed—with SunPower’s Energy Assurance, your system will perform as promised or we will pay the difference*. We are proud of our reputation as a solar energy company who truly cares about and takes care of its customers, and we will work hard to continue to earn that status. We believe our commitment to excellent work is what has earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We Prize Quality Above Speed

There’s an old saying in the construction industry: Fast, Quality, Inexpensive—pick two. We prefer all three, but always take the time to make sure your solar installation is flawless. To our solar contractors, quality and workmanship is more important than the speed of installation.

We Provide Personalized, Responsive Service

When you work with Energy By Choice, our staff will know you by name, and you’ll likely work with our founder. We believe in frequent communication and will provide you with biweekly updates as your project progresses. If you need to get in touch with us, you’ll be able to—we have no call centers, and your call will go directly to our management team.

We Make How You Go Solar Your Choice

We offer:

    • A varied range of solar power systems. You can choose a system designed to generate solar electric power for your home, hot water for your kitchen, bath, or laundry, or a heated pool.
    • Different types of solar panels. Whether you need standard efficiency or high efficiency solar panels, or want SunPower AC panels, we have you covered.
    • Multiple financing options. We can help you decide whether leasing or purchasing solar panels makes more sense for you, and we can help you go solar with $0 down.
    • Industry-leading warranty. We offer an extended labor warranty to ensure your satisfaction with your new solar panels.

We Do Not Use Subcontractors

Because the quality of our work is so important to us, we never hire subcontractors. We know that not everyone has the same commitment to quality that our team does, so we are very selective when choosing who works for us and who we will let represent us. We believe that our core values of integrity and excellence are an essential part of our business model, and every member of our team is vetted for those qualities.

Our entire process is seamless to protect the interest of our customers’ long-term needs: We align sales with administration and installation so that our commitments are met without the loss of continuity found in multiple handoffs, which are typical when subcontractors are used.

We Offer Expert Guidance

We believe in no-pressure sales that revolve around an educational experience. Our solar experts know that there is no one-size-fits-all solar solution, and we can help you find the solar system design and financing options that best fits your circumstances. Before we customize your solar energy system, we will take your electric usage and available roof space into account.

We operate on the belief that happy, satisfied customers fully understand the benefits and disadvantages of each option, and they make decisions after they have that information. We are committed to getting our customers to that point.

We Have Financing Options for All Situations

At Energy by Choice you can choose to buy or lease your solar panels, depending on which method makes the most sense for your needs. You can buy solar panels, finance solar panels, or utilize our solar lease options for your solar energy system.

Our solar consultants can show you purchase and lease options side by side and compare it to your current utility costs. You can see your short-term and long-term savings and you choose which option works best for you. We let the numbers speak for themselves when we present you with a solar energy investment and savings analysis.

*Customer must purchase or lease a SunPower Solar System and request the Energy Assurance Guarantee to be included in the contract.


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  • Richard Huntington

    I looked at 7 different companies, Energy By Choice was the only one who didn’t shove a contract down your throat. They are local, you are a client not an account number. You meet the owner, he comes to your house. When you call with a question they know who you are. They took care of everything in a timely manner. I highly recommend Energy By Choice.

  • Victoria Northport

    Energy by Choice was one of our best decisions: Professional, intelligent gentlemen, on time, kept to schedule, neat, proficient, excellent in customer service. The sales, the office, the installers, everyone. So kind, even lent my 9 year old son, solar cells, props and material for his science fair project. My PSEG bill is $12.00 a month…….yes loans to pay for installation, once that is paid off ….$12.00 a month. We love our solar panels, beautiful, energy efficient, less pollution, better for the environment and my son’s future.

  • Raymond Port Jefferson Station

    From my first meeting with Sail to the completion of the job, everything was done in a professional manner. I had obtained several estimates from other companies before my meeting with Sail. Sail is the owner of the company, not a sales representative. He was very knowledgeable and patient and answered all my questions. Once I agreed to hire his company, they handled all the paperwork and kept me apprised of status. The installer Steve was also knowledgeable, performed a neat installation and answered questions I had of him.
    I am very pleased with my selection of Energy By Choice. Sail designed a system to virtually eliminate my electric bill. I chose to own the system so I would benefit the most from the savings.

  • Kenneth Commack

    Great people to work with. Sail and Stephen made everything a breeze from initial inspection, financing, permits and installation. Steve and his crew were respectful, knowledgeable, clean and took pride in their work! Looking forward to bright sun shiny days.

  • Louise Melville

    I was looking for a company to install solar that operates from integrity and honesty.
    From the day I made my commitment, Energy by Choice took care of me from start to finish. Any questions I had were always promptly answered, before during and after the installation. The best thing about the company is that they keep their word and could be trusted. I was lucky to have found them. I would recommend them to my friends, relatives and colleagues. Thank you Bruce, Sail, Kelly, Stephen, Jorge and Matt for a job well done. I love my solar.

  • Judy Mineola

    Helpful, honest; enjoyed the experience of the office personnel, (no pressure) from initial phone inquiry to certificate of completion. Getting better than half the cost returned from the State & Federal Gov. helped even more.
    My spouse, who’s been in construction and more than handy, states that, “I watched the whole installation and even though I had asked a “thousand” questions the crew was more than courteous and professional!” (He even got up on the roof to watch). Only thing left is to reap the rewards of the investment of our home & future. I would recommend Energy By Choice as a preference over the other companies who tried to push & sell their products to us.

  • Mary Massapequa Park

    All staff were very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Sail is enthusiastic and passionate about the product. I didn’t feel pressured, but I was also given a very complete evaluation and comprehensive plan for the project. The staff was great in answering questions and helping with the preparation/paperwork required. Installation was a very positive experience and operated as a well-managed team.
    I had one minor problem with the monitoring system that was likely caused by my own family member. Energy by Choice was great in resolving the problem. Since completion of the project, the company has continued to stay in touch. I feel like a member of a club.

  • Arlene Commack

    We met with Sail and he answered all of our questions and concerns. Sail put together a proposal that was perfect for our home and we’re so glad we had his expertise and knowledge to work from. We interviewed another national solar company who was offering a plan that would not have met our needs and would have been a financial disaster for us. Thanks again to Sail and his team of experts. We love our solar panels and, even more so, we love watching the meter run backwards!

  • Tallyann West Babylon

    I loved the level of professionalism of all the staff from sales, to installation personal and office staff too. My panels look beautiful and the installation appears clean. I highly recommend using Energy by Choice if you are thinking about going solar. They offer the best product and service of any solar company out there.

  • Kalli Port Washington

    I had solar panels installed by Energy by Choice three years ago. I was pleased with the installation. The crew was professional, polite and knowledgeable. Ongoing support for questions and minor items that needed attention is prompt. I really like seeing no electric bill and credits to my account if I produce more electricity than I use. I would recommend them to others.

  • Pat East Northport

    My solar system is 5 years old and it cannot be beat. Sail and company were fantastic on the installation and follow up

  • The Becerra Family Huntington Station

    The whole team is very professional. Sail always answers your questions with professionalism and patience. The crew that installed our panels were on time, efficient, polite and the site was left clean. Our panels are Sunpower, made in USA, which is what we wanted. Energy by Choice were the only ones that offered these panels. Other companies told us we could not afford a system with Sunpower panels and were offering LG panels. Sail offered from the beginning the Sunpower panels. Most import of all this is a local company!

  • Ruth Ridge

    I couldn’t be happier with my solar installation. Everything went smoothly. In less than two weeks the system has produced 377 kWh, and saved 597 lbs of CO2 emissions. Thanks for your patience and for answering all my questions and concerns. So, all in all, I’m happy would be an understatement. I’m ECSTATIC!

  • Suzanne Huntington

    Great company! Very professional and pleasant to work with. Everyone I dealt with was friendly, knowledgeable and informative. I LOVE my solar panels and especially my non-existent electricity bill! I only wish I had done this sooner! I highly recommend this company!

  • Sue East Northport

    They are honest and yet professional. I am a happy customer.

  • Joe West Babylon

    I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience with Energy By Choice. Sail and his entire staff are professional and compassionate about what they do. They want their customer to be well informed and happy from start to finish…Give them a call…You will NOT be disappointed!

  • Demerise Northport

    Thank you for the excellence and thoroughness of the total job. I love the $8. or $9. per month bills from LIPA and I so appreciated the qualities of your installation team. It was like having nephews working in and around my house, so totally comfortable. Your office team was also and continues to be so helpful and lovely to deal with. Finally, filling out the right income tax papers, and sending them to me, unasked, was a classy final touch. I’d do it all over again with Energy by Choice. It has been a pleasure and a wonderful experience working with you.

  • Rich Port Jefferson Station

    All too frequently people don’t take the time to praise someone’s work. Every time I interact with you in any way or receive mail or an email from you I am blown away with the value of having selected you as my solar installer! With each one of these “exposures” to you, someone on your team or a communication with your logo on it, the value of my install just keeps going up.

  • Mike Long Beach

    Sail’s attention to detail was very important to me. I wanted to know how he was going to do the installation and he explained it all to me. He did what he said he would do. I am proud it is on my roof.

  • Christine Farmingdale

    I am extremely satisfied with Energy By Choice – you and your team were fabulous to work with; courteous and professional and very thorough





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